Basics of Good Web Design – Keep Visitors Engaged

Gone are the days when people would log on to the Internet and spend hours on a website. Times have changed and customers have become very demanding. In the past, they approximately stayed on the webpage for 8 seconds before they decided to leave. Now, this time has reduced to 4 seconds. People want instant results. If you are an online entrepreneur and have a website – ensure it gives the customer instant results. Get the best website designer in Adelaide to make it happen.

Basics of good web design

It is very important for you to understand the basics of a good web design to bring in more traffic. A good web design will also give you positive SEO ranks on search engines. You will get better brand visibility online and returns on investment. Now, the question is what is good web design and how can you pay attention to it? Read on to find out.

Your home page is important and so are your inner pages. Earlier people use to place everything on the home page ignoring the inner page content. This makes your home page cluttered. It is important for you to highlight the key feature you wish to sell or promote in a neat and organised manner. You can use bullet points to make reading easy when it comes to content. The font and the graphics should have a good theme. In short, the impression should be made in the first 4 seconds if you do not want the customer to leave your site forever.

Site navigation is important. The visitor should be able to navigate your website on a smooth interface. Likewise, the loading time of the webpages should not be too long. If they are, the customer will never come back to your website ever!

You can get first-hand opinion by asking your friends about how your website looks to them. They will give you an honest opinion and you can make changes as required after consulting professional web designers skilled at their job.

You must choose the content you post on your website wisely. People are interested in informative content. Here, the trick is you have to keep your customers engaged with compelling content that makes them stop to read. The attention of the readers has to be held. You should also be to the point and not beat around the bush. If customers are bored they will leave the website and never return again.

The graphics you choose should have a good resolution and be clear. The content and the graphics used should complement each other. It is important for you to have a font that is legible and easy to read. You after all do not want visitors to your website straining their eyes reading your posts. Take time and pay attention to this as well.

Therefore, if you take care of these basics you will surely get a good web design for your product or service. This will bring in more traffic and revenue too!